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Japanese Tea Garden: Mini Treasure Hunt

A favorite stop on our City Clues Chinatown Adventure is the Fortune Cookie factory. Most guests are surprised to learn that fortune cookies were invented in San Francisco in the Japanese Tea Garden. We think a visit to these enchanting gardens is fun for the whole family. Not only can you enjoy fortune cookies and other Japanese treats, there are plenty of treasures hiding among the koi ponds, pagodas, drum bridges, waterfalls, stone lanterns, Japanese plants and zen gardens. See if you can find these:

1. Hedge trimmed to look like Mt. Fuji

2. Hedges trimmed to look like a dragon -following tail to head

3. Deer statue

4. Heron statues

5. Water basin shaped like a boat

6. Eleven foot tall Bronze Buddha (not hard to find but a must see)

There is also a very small Buddha. Use this clue to find it:

1. Start at the big red Pagoda

2. Look across for a small path marked with deer footprints

(Do not go on the path that leads you down stairs)

3. Follow the footprints and look under the tree

4. Do you see the hidden Buddha? Take a photo to remember it.

Don't forget to enjoy some Japanese Tea and cookies.

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