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Wells Fargo Museum: Mini Scavenger Hunt

Looking for something fun to do with kids in San Francisco? How about a place where you can ride in a stagecoach, get your face printed on money, talk on an old fashioned telephone, see real gold and more. We recommend a trip to the free Wells Fargo History Museum located at 420 Montgomery Street. (Open M-F: 9-5) This small museum has plenty of hands on activities. Here are a few things to get you started:

1. Get free souvenir tickets for the stagecoach.

2. Fit your whole family in the stagecoach. How many more people would you need before the stagecoach is full?

3. Witness a stagecoach robbery. How many robbers were there?

4. Don't be fooled by fools gold. Find the real gold displayed. How did the nuggets get so smooth?

5. Send a telegraph using Morse code. Send this message or one of your own choosing:

_ _. _ _ _ ._.. _..

6. Find and play one of the very first video games.

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