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Mission Mural Mini Scavenger Hunt

On City Clues scavenger hunts, some of our clues can be found inside murals. To visit some of San Francisco's most colorful murals, try our Mission Mural Mini Scavenger Hunt along 24th street in the Mission district. As you are enjoying the many murals see if you can discover these:

1. Start your scavenger hunt on the corner of 24th street and Shotwell. Find the mural titled Once Upon a Time in the Mission. Answer this question: What is super? ______________

2. Continue walking East on 24th Street. Find the mural on 24th street and Folsom and look for the teachers. What are they doing? _______________________ Would your teachers do that?___

3. Look for a little street called Lucky Alley and you will find a mural with some lotteria cards. What is the name of this car? _____________

4.Go into the Taco Shop at 3035 24th Street and look all around to learn about San Francisco history. What is the 49er on the ceiling doing? _________________

What is the 49er next to the Golden Gate Bridge doing? ______________

5. Now you are ready to go down BALMY ALLEY. A whole alley fill of murals. Can you find these:

· Max from Where the Wild Things Are

· A rainbow full of fruit

· A toilet with a plant inside it

· A bus turned into an airplane with Sally Ride as the driver

· An eye with a bird inside

· A 3D mural that looks like a strange coffee shop

· A Spanish movie star

· The very first mural, which was painted in 1972 by Irene Perez

6. Return to 24th Street. To learn more about the murals and purchase a souvenir go into The Precita Eyes Arts and Visitor Center and 2981 24th Street.

7. Need a rest? Get a snack along the way. There is a small playground next to 2824 24th street where you can sit or play and enjoy even more murals.

For a fun treat check out St. Francis Fountain at 2801 24th Street. This is San Francisco's oldest ice cream parlor, started in 1918! Open 8:00-3:00.

We hope you enjoyed your hunt. If you have any questions please e-mail us at


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