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Nob Hill Mini Scavenger Hunt

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

The best way to get to Nob Hill? Ride the Cable Car! Start at California and Market Street. On the way, enjoy the view into Chinatown.

1. Hop off the Cable Car on Powell Street and check out all the flags on the University Club. Did you see a university you would like to attend?

2. Walk one block up and you will be in front of the Fairmont Hotel. Find the statue of Tony Bennett. You will see more flags. These are the flags of the United Nations. Visit the hotel to see photos and learn more history.

"I left my heart in San Francisco..."

3. Visit the Mark Hopkins hotel. In the old days people would hitch their horses up here. Can you find the horse head hitching posts? How many are there?

4. Only one mansion on Nob Hill survived the 1906 earthquake and fire. Can you find it? Hint: It is made of brownstone.

5. Visit Huntington Park and find the two fountains. Which one is a copy of Rome's Fontana della Tarturtughe? (Fountain of Turtles.)

6. Go across the street to Grace Cathedral and check out the beautiful bronze doors. These are replicas of the Ghiberti doors in Florence. You will see scenes of the Old Testament. Can you find David and Goliath?

7. Have you ever walked a labyrinth? Now is your chance. There is one inside and one outside the Cathedral. Walking a labyrinth is a great way to unwind your mind and let go of stress.

End your hunt the way you started...with Cable Cars! Walk down the Mason Street towards the bay and you will be at the Cable Car Museum. Enter to see the actual cables and learn all about San Francisco's famous moving landmarks.


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