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Mission Dolores:Scavenger Hunt in a Cemetery!

Want an unusual idea for a San Francisco scavenger hunt? How about inside a cemetery? You can find the oldest cemetery in San Francisco behind Mission Dolores located at 3321 16th street. It is open to the public as part of a self guided tour. Follow the brochure they give you to visit the church and the museum. Then head back to see where some of the earliest San Franciscan's are buried. See if you can find:

1. Someone from Boston.

2. Someone from Ireland.

3. Someone from Scotland.

4. A gravestone in Spanish.

5. Find the marker that honors the Native Americans who were buried here.

6. Go inside the replica of the Native American hut. Can you fit your whole family inside?

7. Find the gravestone of Don Luis Antonio Arguello, first governor of California.

8. Find the gravestone of Don Francisco de Haro, first alcalde (mayor of San Francisco).

9. Find the sundial.

10. Find a gravestone with an animal on it.

How did you do on this scavenger hunt? For your prize, you and your family should walk two blocks to 18th street and Dolores to Bi-Rite Creamery. Many people think this is the best ice cream in San Francisco!

Best ice cream in San Francisco
Treat yourselves to a great prize at Bi-Rite Creamery, 3692 18th Street


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