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Scavenger Hunt in the Sky

For a fantastic view of San Francisco be sure to visit the Salesforce Tower Park located at 425 Mission Street above the transit center. Ride the free gondola up to the top and discover a park full of fun for all ages. Cool plants, an outdoor theater, fitness classes, games, art projects, music, refreshments and more!

Watch the fountains in the park. They are triggered every time a bus drives underneath. How many jets does one bus trigger?

Can you identify these California Plants?

Find the monkey puzzle tree and learn how it got its name. Now it is your turn to be a monkey. Can you make it all the way across the rope playground.

Search for the game area. Play giant Connect Four or choose another game from the game cart.

Enjoy refreshments from Starbucks while you relax with a game from the game cart, a project from the art cart, or a good book just for you.

Hope you have enjoyed the view! Don't forget to find out how tall the Salesforce Tower is before you leave.


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