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Secret Gardens, Mystery Tunnels and a Giant Ferris Wheel

Don't miss out on San Francisco's newest attraction: The SkyStar Wheel located in Golden Gate Park's Music Concourse. Along with your ride, explore the area with our mini scavenger hunt. Complete on foot or by scooter.

1. Begin in the center of the concourse near the largest fountain. Did you know Golden Gate Park was once home to an incredible Winter Fair? Find the map of this 1894 Exposition. Can you figure out which one exhibition can still be found in the park?

2.To find your first secret garden, cross over to the Academy of Sciences. Find the path on the right side (south) of the building. Follow it until it forks and take the right fork. You can now enter the Shakespeare Garden.

Explore the garden. You may discover a wedding or another party going on. Can you find the bench that helps you complete this quote? ________ is the gift of _________ but ______ is a work of _______.

"Well Done! You may now continue...."

3. For another garden, return to the Music Concourse and search for the two Sphinxes. Behind them you will find the Garden of Enchantment, filled with wildlife both real and carved. Can you find the Silver Pirate? Read the description to learn what is unique about this pirate.

4. Now... the tunnel mystery. Go back to the Music Concourse area and stand facing the SkyStar Wheel. You will see two tunnels: one on the left and one on the right. BIG DECISION TO MAKE. One of these tunnels leads to more paths and trees. One of the tunnels leads to a playground. See if you can guess which one is the way to the playground and go through it to the end.

Did you choose correctly?

We hope you have enjoyed this little exploration. For another nearby mini hunt. Try our Japanese Tea Garden Mini Hunt.


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